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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Those racist New Hampshirians

Or is it New Hampshirites?

A few pundits around the blogosphere pointed to Barack Obama's victory in mostly-white Iowa as - maybe, hopefully - The Sign that we could finally turn the corner on race in the US.

But no. A commenter over at Pundit Nation says:

Obama lost because yesterday the folks in New Hampshire realized he is black.
And the Cap Times' John Nichols says:

And if the Bradley Effect (voters saying they'll vote for the black candidate, then voting against him -ed.) was in play in New Hampshire, then Barack Obama may face a greater struggle to bridge the often-unmentioned gaps that remain in a nation that has long been divided along lines of race and class.

It is not merely Obama's struggle, however. It is America's struggle as well.
At least Nichols only asked about it. Or asserted it by asking. Like Huckabee asking whether Mormons believe Jesus and Satan are brothers.

He was only asking!

I guess I could point out that Obama only lost by 3 percentage points. Or that over a hundred thousand people voted for him. Or that Clinton won women by 12 percentage points.

Maybe "the folks in New Hampshire" realized Obama was male?

But that's all irrelevant. Any defeat for Obama - up to and including the general election in November - will be considered proof that America is, at the very least, a subconsciously racist nation.