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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Predictions from the blog party.

The following predictions were gathered from the attendees at the Blog Holiday party.

See the rest at the Real Debate Wisconsin.

Mark Block, AFPWI.ORG. Republicans pick up Assembly seats and one seat in the State Senate. Gabelman wins the Supreme Court Race.

Jim Bell, Caledonia Unplugged. Obama wins the elections. Obama goes to see Osama Bin Laden and converts him to Christianity with the Muslim World. Mideast troubles are over.

Jo Egelhoff, Fox 20 water utilities will apply for "conservation rates" where higher residential rates will be charged as usage gets higher.

Glenn Frankovis, Badger Blogger. Ed Flynn will reduce crime across the board by 25%.

John Connors, AFPWI.ORG. Hillary doesn't win, Romney does..

Kevin Biniverse, Lakeshore Laments. In an effort to pander more and more, Steve Kagen will issue Congressional Resolutions for the Milwaukee Brewers, Green Bay Packers, and Wisconsin Timber Rattlers. No one will care but his over-worked Press Secretary.

Ric Larson, Silent E Speaks. Hillary won't get the D nomination. She'll leave Bill, shack up with Mother Sheehan and open a brothel with Barney Frank.

Kathy Carpenter, Stepping Right Up. Huckabee goes down in flames in Iowa.

Mrs RDW, Real Debate Wisconsin. Al Sharpton will finally accept Barack Obama after Obama loses the Democratic nomination. As it turns out they finally have something in common.

Aaron Kreel, Subject to Change. The Ron Paul blimp is auctioned off on E-Bay. (Nick Schweitzer buys it)

Patrick Dorwin, Badger Blogger. Fred Gordon will be the Alderman for Milwaukee's 6th District.

James Wigderson, Wigderson Library and Pub. Owen Robinson will have to explain to the Government Accountability Board what is a "blog".

Don "Boots" Jensen. Perception is Reality. Home interest rates will rise over 8%. I will continue enjoying retirement with my lovely bride.

Fred Dooley, Real Debate Wisconsin. After organizing and promoting a successful blog party in 2007 I predict I'll do it again in 2008. (unless Dave Casper wants to come out of retirement to do it)