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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Excellent the Poor are paying more taxes

As the Wisconsin tax on cigarettes goes up a dollar starting today I have to say it is wonderful that finally a tax that poor have to pay. I personally think they should have raised it 3 dollars. I mean if the reason you raise the tax is to stop people from using a legal product why stop at a dollar raise?

I do find it amazing that the State will make more money off each pack sold than the end retailer same as they do with gasoline.

I will take this moment once again to call on any city or state that enacts harsh anti smoking laws to stop accepting the blood money they get from tobacco taxes

If smoking is as evil as the health Nazis in government say it is, that we need to enact all these laws restricting where and who can smoke. Then they should have the guts to outlaw the sale of tobacco and stop collecting taxes on what they themselves say is an unsafe product.

Hmm politicians being two faced and talking out of both sides of their mouth, tobacco is evil but they will never give up the blood money they collect from that tobacco tax.

Politicians from both parties suck and deep down we all know it.

WSB Chris