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Friday, December 28, 2007

Re: Does she realize what she's saying?

No way, tax incentives actually increases business prospects?????

Now imagine the business prospects that local and state business would have, if only they got 25% tax incentives on the wages they paid to their employees?

Even better, imagine how many more employees local businesses could hire with a 25% tax incentive. They could even pay their current employees more too. Wow!

And probably the best prospect of all, imagine the revenue the state could generate by giving tax incentives to every business in Wisconsin.

Ah, well. That is just a pipe dream as long as Doyle and his cronies are in charge.

By the way, in 2006, wasn't it the Republicans that were running the Senate and the Assembly? Thank goodness the Republicans continued to push this through or Lawton would have nothing to gloat about.

What are the chances that Democrats in the Senate, with Decker in charge, would even bring this type of bill to the table for a vote????

Maybe Doyle, Lawton and the Senate Democrats will actually realize that these type of tax incentives actually increases revenue in the state. It does not reduce revenue.


Speaking of "duh", what was my Senator Bob Wirch thinking when he voted against this bill?

Golly, the guy is an embarrassment.