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Monday, January 28, 2008

Badger Bites

Okay, we waited to release tonight's Badger Bites until well after the SOTU, which I'm sure everyone out there watched. So minus the distractions, you can now enjoy tonight's Bites.

-Sean Twitters the SOTU.

-Meanwhile, if you still haven't caught up on the State of the State, Dean has the links for you.

-It took an Obama endorsement to upset NOW?

-Operation Atlanta.

-Remembering Challenger.

-Did MillerCoors have their choice made for them?

-This is just too cool not to add, even though the cameraman will give you motion sickness.

-Yep, he's right: He is the furthest thing from an expert on the topic.

-Paul Soglin endorses...well, let's just say NOW probably wouldn't be happy.

-Kevin Fischer irritates conservatives?

-And here's a link to Kevin Fischer for the hell of it.

-The benefits of the giant tax bill.

-Pheisty resigns from the Republican Party.