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Friday, January 25, 2008

Rising Tide in South Central Wisconsin

Eastern state Badgers have one more reason to be thankful their shores are on a lake.

How can a frozen river rise, you might ask. I, as a newby, was confused. It's the incongruity of the freeze - chunks of ice form, then acrete and form a barrier, and underlying water overflows.

From Rock Township and Afton just south of Janesville to Machesny Park and places in Rockford, the flooding has people filling sandbags and hoping for the best, while some have had to leave their homes as water encroaches, cutting electricity before creeping above yards turned into ice ponds and in the door.

High tide was this morning up north, and is expected tomorrow night down in Rockford. Prayers for these people would be good.

Ack! Update: "Flood waters may be contaminating private wells."