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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Saturday's Music January 19, 2008

Today's installment for Saturday's Music comes from the region and the pop genre. In fact the recording I am going to present is also dated July 17, 1989 and I was there!

This band arose out of Haight-Ashbury music scene of the mid to late '60s and toured until the mid '90s and time to time still tours under a different name.

This music lives on on many dusty cassette tapes and no doubt on dusty CDs and the group took clippings from the shows to make an official DVD.

July 17 was a hot-hot day and my '82 lynx overheated and blew its frost-plug (thank God for that) along side the road. I spent the two nights renting a spot on a local farm and ran into a college buddy (who had dropped out) working at the farm.

Many regard the July 18th show as the band's finest concert performance and that one I do have a bootleg CD of.

Anyway enough of that. The pieces I am presenting are the opening numbers of the concert and the concert set. The fisrt one is very catchy and I believe a cover tune the second one is a song only familiar to the more hardcore fans of the band.

Ladies & Gentlemen I present Let the Good Times Roll and Feel Like a Stranger the opening numbers for the Grateful Dead's July 17, 1989 concert at Alpine Valley (the first of three), enjoy!

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