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Monday, December 10, 2007

Doyle right about tree {?} | The Capital Times

"Gov. Jim Doyle deserves credit for putting the whole legislative debate in perspective about whether to call the lovely 45-foot balsam fir that stands in the Capitol Rotunda a "holiday tree" or a "Christmas tree."

"I think people should call it whatever they want to call it," Doyle said after lighting the tree. "The idea of the Christmas season is you're sort of not supposed to be picking fights with people. You're supposed to be finding ways to have peace on Earth. So people should call the tree whatever they want to."

The governor's office has, in press releases, referred to the balsam as a "holiday tree."

At home, Doyle says, his family uses the term "Christmas tree."

And what should the official state policy be on this matter that has so excited legislators and radio commentators?

"I couldn't care less," says Doyle."

Wow! That's some leadership right there, I'll tell you. Compare that with Scott Walker's remarks to a private group in Milwaukee Saturday. He said "Unlike Seattle where they took their Christmas trees out of the airport last year in a failed attempt to be responsive to the religious beliefs of a variety of people, we are happy to have a Christmas tree up at the courthouse, at the airport and in our downtown Red Arrow Park.

To respect the fact that there are people in our community of different faiths, we put up an eight foot high menorah candle in the courthouse, at the airport and in Red Arrow Park. I lit the first candle at the start of the Festival of Lights. We realize that freedom of religious means representing the beliefs of others, not eliminating any religious practices from our society.

For those – like me – who are Christians, I say Merry Christmas. And to our friends and neighbors who are Jewish, I say Happy Hanukkah!" Scott has it right -- it's not about freedom FROM religion -- it's about freedom OF religion and all the traditions that go along with that freedom.

A Christmas tree is a Christmas tree -- there's no other purpose for it! That's what we get, however, for electing a governor who is proud to own a Festivus Pole...