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Thursday, December 27, 2007

A Mid-Afternoon's Badger Bites

Hopefully everyone out there has been able to enjoy Christmas this year. Despite the holiday, the Wisconsin blogosphere has been writing up a storm. Appropriate, given all of the snowstorms this month. Here is today's Badger Bites, and, like this week, it'll be back next Thursday. Have a safe and enjoyable New Year everyone.

-Patrick looks at a potential problem at city hall in Milwaukee.

-Weighing the possibility of privatizing Mitchell Field.

-Johnny Baraboo?

-Marquette Warrior has pictures of troops terrorizing Iraqis.

-Redneck etiquette.

-Another good reason to really hate ethanol.

-The humor of a joke depends on one's perspective.

-My wife would never do this for me.

-Lacking a sense of irony. More on that one here.

-Pick your own high school in Kenosha.

-Better than the patch?

-A tax on video games is a tax too far. First, they taxed our cigarettes, and I did nothing...

-Someone doesn't like agency commissions.