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Friday, December 21, 2007

My Business Plan

The new energy bill phases out the incandescent light bulb. Apparently, our government doesn't realize that the alternative technology is not a suitable "or equal" replacement yet, and Hollywood doesn't realize that those aren't CFL bulbs above the mirrors in the dressing room or in the ETC Source Fours lighting the stage.

Ok, whatever. If the government is taking away the light bulb, I may as well take advantage of it. I'm stocking up on illegal light bulbs, and then I'll wait. Plenty of people are going to want my product, because the light is still far superior to CFL and LED. I'll be able to own the black market. That's tax free income, too!

When I've sold enough of my contraband, I'll not stop there. The governement can't outlaw the components of an incandescent bulb. Argon, glass, and tungsten wire aren't used only in light bulbs. So, all I need to do is buy an abanodoned production line cheap from Ebay, put it in a warehouse, and fire it up. I'll be Thomas Edison and Paul Revere in one! And, I'll be rich.

I should thank the president for handing me my retirement plan.

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