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Friday, November 30, 2007

Politicians over policies

I am not sure what they put into the Governor's Cheerios this morning, but something went terrible wrong this morning.

Governor Doyle has decided to call the legislator into a special session to address campaign finance reform.

Oh the insanity!

This is what the governor and many Democrats believe campaign finance reform to be:

From the MJS

Ban fund raising by incumbents and challengers in partisan races from the time the governor introduces the state budget until he signs it into law.

Think about this for a moment. There is no faster way for a politician to prioritize his or her own political career above the policies they write.

For example, we all know that our state has a law stating that if a budget is not passed in time, the state will continue to function with the current budget. There is no government shut-down, despite the threats we just received from Governor Jim Doyle in the last budget fiasco.

The very next budget that the Governor is required to write is for '09-'11. The Governor runs for re-election in 2010.

In early 2009, the Governor introduces his budget- from that point forward- the Governor and NO CHALLENGER to the governor's seat can raise any funds.

So why pass a budget?

The state will continue to function without a budget and the Governor or any other incumbent will end up with no challengers because no one is allowed to raise money. Tada! Governor automatically wins! This is true straight across the board, every incumbent wins!

Say our legislators recognize this and decide during this special legislative session, that they will only ban current office holders from raising funds, but their challengers can raise funds.

Well then, in an effort to save their own political careers, they will pass any kind of crappy budget just so they can get back to raising money for their re-elections.

Once again, politicians over policies.

Now don't tell me that this type of stuff could never happen. Hello, they are politicians!

Even with this goofy proposals for so-called "campaign finance reform", nothing is being done to address the real issue. Special interest money!

Nothing is stopping these special interests groups from doing whatever they choose to do. They can run ads demolishing a certain politician and that politician cannot defend himself, because they cannot raise any funds to put out a counter ad.

The real money in politics is in the special interest groups or 527s. Brought to us by McCain-Feingold, that actually created a monster. They called this "campaign finance reform", too. As you can see, it did not reform anything.

These new campaign reform policies, proposed by Governor Doyle, will do nothing to reform the system.

In fact, it will further cut off regular folks like you and me from the political process.