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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Well, crap.

Dallas 37, Packers 27.

The key to this game: the Dallas O-line controlling the line of scrimmage. Particularly on pass plays - we had almost no pressure on Romo at all.

That was a big factor in the way the Dallas receiving corps owned our defensive backfield all night.

Add to that our two defensive starters who didn't play, and Favre's terrible game before he left with that injury, and...

...all in all, I think we've got to be pretty proud of the way the Packers scrapped in this game. If'n I'd had my druthers, we'd have won, but the Packers stayed in this game despite all their problems and despite never getting any traction on the defensive line.

Bodes well, I think.

NOTE - Favre needs 450 passing yards to break Marino's record. Let's hope those x-rays were negative.