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Monday, November 26, 2007

Coexisting with Badger Bites

Once in a while in the Wisconsin blogosphere, there is a topic that everyone talks about. Most recently it was a certain bumper sticker parody. We're not going to rehash all that. It's time for new controversies, but in the spirit of coexisting, let's get to it.

*We may as well all get along now because we're destroying the universe with our eyes. I knew a girl like that once, so I believe it.

*Daily Takes has begun shining a spotlight on Wisconsin bloggers. Fred beat up everyone in order to get the spotlight first.

*Owen points out a, uh, hot steaming pile of mayonnaise.

*More trouble in Sheboygan.

*Can the Packers survive the support of Paul Soglin?

*I refuse to have the BBQ nickname of Skinny Mama. But Sean Hackbarth's is worse.

*The OTBL crew calls for the support of AB 581.

*Daniel has a fresh take on coexist.

*Ol' Broad brings the hate.

*Wigderson is a Cowboy fan in Wisconsin. Make your Packers-Cowboys prediction in his comments.

Since a Firefox update nearly wiped this entire post out, I think we'll leave it at that for tonight. Badger Bites will be back at halftime on Thursday night.