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Monday, November 05, 2007

Badger Bites

It seems that last four days have been more than a bit slow in the Wisconsin blogosphere, so with that we'll dedicate today's Badger Bites malaise edition to Jimmy Carter.

*Phelony is taking a hiatus of sorts.

*Santa. Diet. Boot camp. Ugh.

*No saving the Democrats...from themselves?

*Don't forget to vote.

*Grandpa John's has a funny joke...if you look the words up first.

*I think a quote will sufficiently set up this link: "These guys make me want to vomit into my little, girly hands."

*Ol' Broad has a pretty interesting graphic on attacks in Iraq.

*Marquette Warrior takes a look at who globalization helps and why some don't like it.

*Spring City Chronicle spins well.

*Wigderson makes several good points on smoking.

*Excitement is...Edwards taking it to Hillary.

We'll be back with more Badger Bites on Thursday, and hopefully I won't have to implore everyone to wear sweaters.