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Sunday, November 04, 2007

Thoughts on morality of School Referendums

There are many referendums around the state and throughout the country being voted on next Tuesday. Remember, a referendum only has to win once to be successful. Are they moral?
Any system of education that is premised upon, firstly, the sacrifice of individual rights to the collective benefit of "society" will not simply reverse its premise and commit suicide down the road - there is no altruism towards the individual from the collectivist's viewpoint. In fact, individual rights, as envisioned by our founders, is anathema to the collective will, euphemistically referred to as "the common good." To argue that if tax support for a quasi governmental monopoly is simply shifted to either all property tax or all state redistribution misses a fundamental point. Economic educational choice has to be, logically, the first premise and priority. The rights of parents are either primary or they are subordinated, and once subordinated gradually become non-existent over time. Without economic choice as primary you will never get real choice, because choice and ANY government monopoly (regardless of funding source) are logically and practically incompatible. Their ends are justified by their means. And their only means are the restrictions of your liberty with regard to your own children AND the coerced expropriation of your wealth to pay for their ends. The fact that it is done through a so-called democratic process does not make it moral.

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Chris - OTBL