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Monday, October 22, 2007

Badger Bites, the Budget Buster Edition

Well, there is a budget deal. But what to make of it? Tonight we'll offer up some notable posts on the budget, and just like our budget, we'll try to cram a little extra in, too.

*How can we not cover the budget? Was it good? Was it bad? Maybe a little of both? What was raided? What's was alive and then dead? And the priorities? Who was a winner? What about that veto pen? Might as well discuss it.

*There are 7 reasons Bubba doesn't sell gas that contains ethanol.

*Shark and Shepard ruminates on health care.

*Forward our Motto calls for less incarceration and at best no additional funds for the Madison police department as a means of controlling Madison's growing crime rate.

*Grumps supports firefighters that counter protest.

*The 'harmony' of the Tony Earl years.