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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Badger Bites: Sittin' in for Jib edition.

I didn't see anyone step up, Jib I got your back!

Little Nickie says potty mouth good.

Tom McMahon carries a different weapon.

I have an idea where Kevin Fisher is going for Trick or Treat.

Grumps tackles the most important issue of the day... Ellen's pooch.

Phelony haz da skilz und makeses mees lukz gawood.

Sean knows blegs.

Peter waxes nostalgic.

Kathy ran the gauntlet with a simple message, don't I pay your salary?

Racine Post, everybody, everybody, Racine Post.

A few noise makers... Thanks Steve. Owen, run for something would you?

"mooching off other people's traffic." Mmmmm traffic.

The hate left is renting out hallowed ground for a pro hemp rally.... I kid you not.

Mike thinks size does matter.

Jib went under cover... WAY undercover.

Fraley sticks the blame squarely where it belongs.

Caffeinated Politics hits a milestone. Congratulations. NEXT!

Owen suggests a new gig for Jim Doyle. Can I interest you in the extended warranty?

Bruce highlights yet another reason our state needs money. Any reason this has been so hush hush?

He may not be Dennis York anymore, but Christian still has it.

Where does Kate get those wonderful emoticons?

Sykes hands out multiple spikes.

As for me, I've launched my support of Al Gore for '08. It is all about the drama.

Don't let the badger bite.