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Monday, August 27, 2007

Someone needs to explain the First Amendment to this woman

You would think the spouse of a lawyer would know you have a right to put signs like this on your own property.

The MJS has a story about a woman who is putting an assisted living home for senior in a residential sub division and the people who live there do not like it or want it.

Some went as far as to put yard signs on their property saying as much. Now the woman acquelynn Chiarelli is threatening to sue the people to force them to remove there signs and I quote "saying they are depriving her of her right to enjoy her property." What a big cry baby.

I am guessing her husband who is a lawyer is not constitutional law type. I believe those yard signs fall under a persons protected first amendment right to free speech and expression. She does not have to like them but damn it they have a right to put them up.

I remember in Oconomowoc during the Hospital Wars there were signs every where saying things to the effect of "not another hospital" Aurora never sued to have the signs taken down. I guess someone on Aurora's legal team had read the bill of rights

People like this drive me nuts they think their rights matter but no one else do. She is lucky I do not live in that sub division. She goes out of here way to sneak her business into this neighborhood and when the people who were there first get upset she pretends she is the victim.

I hope the people living there put up more signs and really hurt her feelings ;)

WSB Chris