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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Does the idea we are now convicting people for "Thought Crime" bother you

Now that a Waukesha County Jury has convicted Michael Monyelle not for committing a crime but THINKING about it. I have to ask does this bother you.

I have to be honest this scares the shat out of me when the State can lock you up for what you think not what your actions are it is a sad day for America.

What he was thinking about is a moot point he never acted on those thoughts since he was released from jail.

You have to look beyond this one case, isn't this what lawyers and law professors call the slippery slope? Where do we go from here? The former Soviet Union used to send people to the Gulags for being a social deviant(read gay) so down the slope can we lock people up for thinking about having sex with with a person of the same sex. Or for thinking that people who believe in any religion our out of their minds?

Who gets to decide which thoughts are out of bounds?

So what else are we not allowed to Think about? I am serious if I have been on this jury they would have had a hung jury due to the fact you should not be able to lock people up for their thoughts. No matter how terrible they are Actions yes but thoughts no.

And this is coming from a parent of two small children.

Orwell tried to warn us but we seem to ignore his message.

WSB Chris