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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Someone Must Be Seeking Re-Election

It's a pity our side has a hard time recruiting a candidate in State Senate District 12, Roger Breske (D-Eland) would be such an easy pick-off.
Governor’s Plan Does Nothing to Fight Crime

Eland, WI – Wisconsin State Senator Roger Breske released the following statement in reaction to Governor Jim Doyle’s plan to “Keep Milwaukee Safe.”

“Just last week the Governor traveled around the Northwoods praising the virtues of our quality of life and the values we hold dear. The proposals he has made will do very little if anything to quell the violence that Milwaukee residents face. Instead these new proposals will only put more hurdles in front of law-abiding gun owners. I am committed to working with Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett and others to find ways to curb the culture of violence in Milwaukee and elsewhere without taking away the rights of law-abiding citizens in the Northwoods.”
You have to love press releases from Breske. They're so rare you almost feel you need to time the replacement of the battery in your smoke detector to them.

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