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Sunday, August 12, 2007

AP: Tommy Dropping Out

There are reports, but no official statement from the Tommy Thompson Campaign, that the former Wisconsin Governor is dropping out.
Former Wisconsin Governor Tommy Thompson is reportedly dropping out of the presidential race.

A Milwaukee TV station is reporting that the Republican hopeful has ended his White House bid after Saturday's sixth-place finish in the Iowa straw poll.

Thompson’s campaign hasn’t issued a formal statement. Nor has a spokesperson returned multiple calls from The Associated Press.

But WITI-TV says Thompson told a reporter Sunday morning the disappointing finish was like being hit by a Mack truck.

In the months leading up to the straw poll, Thompson repeatedly said he’d drop out if he didn’t finish first or second.

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney won the poll.

I think Tommy summed it up best when he told the Washington Post, his best chance at the Big Job was in 1996.

If Tommy ever wants to return in the good graces of those who were forced to live with this over-glorified ego-trip, might I offer a suggestion:

Spend next year campaigning for nothing but Wisconsin Republican Candidates. It will show for once, he cares more about the survival of Wisconsin conservative ideals -- many of them his own --
and candidates, than his own political ambitions.

Plus, it'll piss off Jim Doyle real good if Tommy helps keep the Assembly in Republican hands.

Then, these guys could return the favor in 2010 when he finally does what every GOPer in the Badger State's been wanting him to do for a decade -- run for the U.S. Senate.

Him on that ballot, might even help out the guy running for his old job, be it Walker or J.B.

But my guess is he'll turn it down again, just like before. His ego won't or can't handle it.

"Tommy" can't handle being one of a hundred; or worse, being the "Junior Senator."

I know a lot of Republicans in Wisconsin owe their livelihood to Tommy G. Thompson, but it's time he returns the favor, if nothing more than as "Party Elder Statesman."

UPDATE: It's officially over. Journal Sentinel has the details.

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