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Friday, July 27, 2007

Oops, I Did it Again

Next time, can Stacy Forster of the Journal Sentinel just email me first? I'm not paid to be constantly correcting her.

Madison -- A Door County man filed a lawsuit today in Dane County Circuit Court challenging the state constitutional amendment passed last fall to ban same-sex marriage.

Bill McConkey said in a statement that he was angry about the amendment and its effects, saying that it violates such constitutional protections as equal protection and free speech, among others.

"It just cannot be that any group can be singled out for an elimination of rights and protections just because of who they are as opposed to what they may have done," McConkey said in a statement. "I will fight for what I think is right and against what I think is wrong."

In the lawsuit, filed against Gov. Jim Doyle and Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen, McConkey asked the court to issue an injunction to block Doyle and Van Hollen from enforcing the amendment until a court has decided the constitutional questions.

The ban passed on a vote of 59% of Wisconsin voters in support compared with 41% who opposed it.

McConkey, of Bailey's Harbor, described himself in a statement as being "Christian, straight, married." He is not an attorney and prepared the lawsuit himself.

Would that be this Bill McConkey, professor at UW-Oshkosh?
Dr. McConkey is an instructor for the Organizational Administration courses for the Center for New Learning; he serves as the Chair for the Organizational Administration Advisory Committee. He is also Director of Marketing and Community Relations for Continuous Learning Programs.
Or this Bill McConkey? Political Strategist and Consultant from...Bailey's Harbor, WI.
Dr. Bill McConkey has over 150 campaigns and 30 years of political campaign work in addition to his education and experience as a teacher and mentor. From campaigns for U.S. Senate and Governor to the State Assembly to City Hall, he has researched, advised, written, created, and consulted. Dr. McConkey has served as an advisor to public officials in many capacities and at many levels. If you are in public life and want to move up or are not and want to be, Bill McConkey can really help you.
Actually, they're one and the same.

UPDATE: The Cap Times version of this story is here. It does mention he's a UW-Oshkosh professor, nothing about his past political activism.

They also say he's got no chance in hell for success.