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Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Seedy Side of 'Park City'

Why would anyone accuse the owners of local Janesville stip clubs of having "organized or condoned prostitution or any other illegal sexual activity"?

Actually, they haven't. But that didn't stop the overzealous business types - several of whose employees have been arrested for prostitution alleged to have happened on their premises - from making a denial in the form of a very curious statement, which included:

A distinction should be made between reports and allegations offered by citizens concerned about their community and law enforcement informants. Often times informants may provide information to law enforcement officials in exchange for consideration, such as reduced criminal charges or a reduction in punishment, due to their own illegal activity. Or because they simply have a personal dislike or disregard for the person or business against whom such allegations are made.

But the informant isn't under investigation, and no plea-bargain is anticipated. This is the stuff you feed a jury when faced with a hostile insider. Methinks the cut-rate lawyers doth protest too much.