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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

I Knew Sales Were Slow...

...but this is just sad.
Deep Focus, an entertainment marketing and promotions firm, has launched a contest, in which a "lucky" Republican winner can have Michael Moore come to their home and personally wash their laundry...if they go see 'SiCKO."

The "Take a Republican to See 'SiCKO" contest states: "Can you imagine someone from the government coming to your home to help you with the laundry? Well, they do it in France and if you enter the contest this weekend you will have the chance to win the same treatment for a Republican friend of yours from Michael Moore himself!"
SiCKO's value at the box office has pretty much tanked. Harvey Weinstein's reportly about to pull the plug since the film's finally broke even for what it cost to produce and market the film.

Perhaps Moore can finally go back doing what he really wants to do; make feature-length comedies. Canadian Bacon, which Moore wrote and directed, was surprisingly good.