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Friday, June 22, 2007

Re: The Village Watchman, Who Just Puts Down What He Damn Pleases.


I would not say what is going on with those weather stations is corrupt as is the implication of the quote you use. I would say it is a lack of quality control caused by the the large number and vast dispersion of the data collectors.

Sampling is practically a science onto itself. The article notes NOAA understands the situation and adjusts numbers to attempt to factor in these uncertainties.

This invites (not beg) another question. Is the earth sufficiently sampled to be able to say with certainty the earth as a whole is warming up? Furthermore, such modeling as climatologists and global warming evangelists (GWE) cite are sensitive to things such as initial conditions. Get the initial conditions wrong and your model is only accurate for the incorrect initial conditions. In fact, I recall hearing how one model of our solar system give wildly different states depending on the rounding precision used in the model.

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