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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

We have parades and parties in Oconomowoc all the time Eugene

But they never end like this Eugene.

(photo credit WTMJ Radio website)

The MJS Race baiter and thug apologist is already going into spin mode on the fact this is the second year the Juneteenth day Party/Celebration ended in violence.

He is already trying to deflect the issue on to the stupid racists who will send him emails and he will act like they are the problems not the thugs who seem to be running rough shod over the North side of Milwaukee.

That is when he is not making excuses for the sad example of an alderman Michael McGee/Jackson.

Hundreds of towns and cities all over Wisconsin hold celebrations and parades through out a calender year Eugene and they never end with violence.

At some point Eugene has to stop blaming everything on the "Man" and start looking for causes and answers in your own community.

Oh on final thing Eugene when your really positive day ends with people being dragged from their cars and beaten and Police officers having their face shields shattered(MPD needs to get new shields if a 17yr old girl can shatter them)and people getting shot you have to stop saying it was a really positive day other than how it ended.

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