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Friday, June 22, 2007

The First Shots of Mayor Barretts secret bunker

Above the first shots of the secret Bunker where Milwaukee Mayor Tom "Just give me one name" Barrett has hidden himself until the national news media leaves.

Nope no problems on Milwaukee's North Side as far as the Mayor can see.

Those of you who live in the city of Milwaukee must be very proud of the leadership that Tom "he ran faster than a Frenchman from a fight" Barrett provides in time of crisis.

Can you imagine if Milwaukee ever had a massive natural or man made disaster how bad Tom Barrett would fail as Milwaukee's crisis leader?

Its funny but I am willing to bet that Tom Barrett would have found a way on to a lifeboat on the Titanic we all know he would not have been standing on the deck when it sank.

You get the government you deserve and that was never truer than in the City of Milwaukee.