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Thursday, June 07, 2007

Crack Pow Woooo-Woooo!

The Empress and I were visiting with a friend and her graduating daughter in Menasha this evening in Menasha on Little Lake Butte De Mortes.

The "storm" was in the area but we only had gusty winds no rain, hail, or any such thing. Then all of a sudden a crack and a pow! We all wondered what it was but did not give it much thought and returned to our normal business (I was drinking a Coors and talking with the boyfriend of our friend's oldest daughter).

A little bit later we heard sirens and could tell the vehicle would be going by the house. It was a Winnebago County Sheriff's deputy in an official SUV pulling the Sheriff's boat. Hmmmm. A little bit later a fire engine came pulling a zodiac, hmmmm.

So, finally curiosity got the best of us and we started out and walked down the street towards the water hoping to see out to the commotion. Well, when we got to the bottom of the street we found what the crack-pow was about. It was a tree limb that fell and took out an electrical transformer, perhaps it was a lightning strike but whatever, I know electrical transformers can make a loud sound in their death throes. Th

e electricity in my friend's house was utterly unaffected, but not so for her neighbors.

So we then got to wondering about the boats. Well eventually reports got back to us a sailboat capsized.

Anyway we did not get a drop nor did our little corner in Appleton get a drop but it sounds like parts of Appleton got bucketfuls of rain. How was the storm for you?