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Friday, May 18, 2007

Favre Demands Trade

Relax, it's from the Onion.

GREEN BAY—Three-time MVP and undisputed future Hall of Fame quarterback Brett Favre, disappointed with the Packers' refusal to aggressively pursue receiver Randy Moss and frustrated with his team's apparent indifference to making immediate improvements on offense, is demanding a trade to the team he feels will give him the best shot at winning a last Super Bowl ring before his retirement: the 1996 Green Bay Packers.
Does that mean we'd get the 1996 version in return?

ONE MORE THING - does anybody else really believe that the Packers had a shot at Randy Moss when the New England Patriots were interested? The Pats were a game away from the Super Bowl last year, and will be contenders again this year. Tell me if I'm giving Moss too much credit, but isn't it possible he was playing them by feigning interest in the Pack?