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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Since You Might Be Wondering...

Yes, gas is cheaper here in the DC Metro area. (It's only now passed $3.00 a gallon at most stations this week.)

Yes, the gas tax is lower than Wisconsin's, but I'm not celebrating.

'Why?' You might ask.

Two reasons:

1.) There is no sales tax exemption in Virginia for groceries. In fact, they're taxed at a separate 2.5% rate that's different from the regular 5% state sales tax in the Commonwealth.

2.) Certain "counties" and "cities" (
info for Fairfax, VA is here) - and let's just say it's the tourist trap counties and cities - have something called a "Meals Tax."

What is a "Meals Tax," you ask?

Basically, any prepared, restaurant, or prepackaged meal is taxed at a separate rate determined by the municipality. The real kicker; it's in addition to the regular sales tax that goes with the restaurant, supermarket, gas station buying experience.

Meaning in short: If you go to McDonald's, a steak place, buy an already prepared sandwich at a grocery store or 7-Eleven, and so on; what you eat is taxed twice.

So there. Virginia is indeed for lovers.