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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Dr. Kagen Disappoints the Loons

For a man who ranted and raved all throughout last year on the campaign trail about Iraq being a mess, declaring he'd never back Bush policy on the War, and most importantly stating he'd never vote for straight blank checks on the War in Iraq; the 'Good Doctor' did just that this evening.

Makes you wonder what that Fox Cities Peace Group he told the Rove-Bush story to now feels when they discover he voted to save his political backside from NRCC attack and not his principles.

What a guy!

Don't hold your breath for the press release on this one.

UPDATE: Further proof I did indeed get under Kagen's office's skin. In what appears to be both an effort to spite conservative commentators like myself, and to hold off liberal attacks before they come aplenty during the Memorial Day recess, both Kagen and Kind -- the two Democratic members in the Wisconsin Delegation to vote for the Iraq War funding -- issued press releases on their votes.

What makes Kagen's truly impressive is the thing comes off like he's a raving lunatic. What else explains the thing being completely in UPPER CASE!

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