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Friday, April 27, 2007

With the First Pick in the 2007 NFL Draft, the Oakland Raiders Select...

...okay, so you'll have to hours, about, from right now to find that out.

Although the smart pundits have settled on JaMarcus Russell.

While we're all on the edges of our seats waiting, a few things:

The pundits have also decreed that Green Bay will take Marshawn Lynch, a long-haired running back from California. But Steve "Homer" True made his Guarantee Of The Week earlier today, and it was that Green Bay will NOT take Lynch.

Also, I heard the Cap Times' Mike Lucas this morning on WIBA (if only their news reporters were more like him). He said the Packers haven't ruled out trading up in the draft, and that a lot depends on what they see as their chances to land Randy Moss.

As I've said before: not just no, but HELL no.

That is all. Draft starts at noon. Pre-draft coverage...well, that started a couple weeks ago.