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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Verdict Reached in Dassey Trial

Just breaking...

Expected to be read tonight, live during the 10 PM news.

Will update with what it is, I'll be watching streaming from DC.

UPDATE: Here are the charges Dassey faces.

Second Degree Sexual Assault - Verdict: Guilty

First Degree Intentional Homicide - Verdict: Guilty

Mutilation of a Corpse - Verdict: Guilty

UPDATE II: I commented at Owen's blog why Dassey was convicted on the Sexual Assault and Corpse Mutilation charges. The reason is pretty clear: The Confession of Dassey himself.
The key to that is the confession of Dassey himself. It was aired in this trial, it wasn't in Avery's. Likely because Avery's attorneys would have tried to get it thrown out in his trial.

Without it in Avery's trial, they had nothing [no physical evidence] to tie Avery to those charges.

That's the reality between the two cases.

Both Avery and Dassey look like they're going to die in State Correctional Institutes of natural causes.

May Teresa Halbach's soul finally find peace after these two trials; and may her family finally receive peace of mind.

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