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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Phisherman Spoof the IRS.

I just received an attempt to phish:
Dear Customer,
Internal Revenue Service is glad to announce you that we recalculate tax on 2006 and we would like to inform you that you paid more that it was necessary. We apologize you that we committed this error and now we want to return your money back. We are glad to tell you that we will return your money electronically. Therefore we contact your bank and the institution agree to finalize this transaction.

Please click here to take your money back !

We are committed to the responsible use and protection of your information on our website. We are dedicated to provide you an exceptional service and to ensure your trust.
Obviously, it is a phishing attempt and is obviously so on so many levels. First, I don't use the e-mail address the above was sent to for such matters, second the English is badly mangled you need not be an English major to pick up on that, third if the IRS decided I overpaid, I don't think they are going to work too hard to let me know, next is when I mouse over the link you can see the site involved is not even close to being an official governmental site. Also, if I pay too much in taxes than it is my fault because it is up to individuals to make the determination on how much is owed.

Of course, you are all wise & intelligent and can see all that for yourself. Obviously we are dealing with an outfit outside the jurisdiction of US law enforcement for it would be a very very brave person trying to spoof the IRS.