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Monday, April 09, 2007

Setting up the next Supreme Court race

Doug Hissom on Supreme Court elections, past and future:

...expect WMC to get into the gutter, as it has in its past two political efforts. Don't be surprised that they'll go after (current Supreme Court Justice Louis) Butler (who is up for re-election next year) with racist innuendo, being the only African American on the court. Likely it will be through continuous use of his picture in ads throughout the hinterlands, since unfortunately in the fields of Wisconsin, that stuff still plays against a candidate. Butler was soundly defeated in 2000 when he ran against then-incumbent conservative justice Diane Sykes, who bested him nearly 2-1 in vote totals.
The setup begins. If you use Butler's picture in an opposition ad, you're racist. If Butler loses, Wisconsin is racist.

Way to elevate the debate, Doug.