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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

The Cap Times Headline...

...on Ziegler's landslide win:

Easy victory won't halt ethics probe

Ziegler wins under a cloud
My memory might be failing me, but I think the headlines were a little more positive after Doyle's re-election win.

UPDATE - a friend forwarded this from the November 8, 2006 Cap Times:

Democratic Wave - With Dem Senate, Mandate, Doyle Can Go On The Offensive

After four years of playing defense against a Republican-controlled Legislature, Democratic Gov. Jim Doyle now has an unparalleled chance to lead.

In a night of sweeping victories for Democrats nationwide, Doyle was one of Tuesday's big winners.

Doyle emerged from one of the most bruising gubernatorial campaigns in recent history to become the first Democratic Wisconsin governor since Patrick J. Lucey in 1974 to win a second term.
Not one word about ethics concerns unless you go all the way to the end of the article, and even then it's just the paper quoting Mark Green about the Elections Board fiasco.