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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Obama Matches Clinton

The Chicago Tribune notes that Barack raised $25 million in the first quarter for his presidential campaign, nosing in on Hillary's $26 million.

Looks like Hillary losing Geffen's support is going to hurt, at least in the early stages.

Kudos to Obama, who "made his fundraising task more difficult by refusing to accept money from lobbyists and political action committees, unlike Clinton." That may hobble him in the long run. We'll have to see if there's any waffling there later this year.

Note to Jib re: endorsements: The Trib adds that Obama raised $6.9 million from Internet sources - thanks to 50,000+ online donors. Don't you want the BBA to share the love with conservative candidates?

Update: As a bonus, here's a link to a hilarious mock Hillary commercial from YouTube via the Llamas. Enjoy!