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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Liberals for Lower Taxes

The Institute for Wisconsin's Future (motto: a sickle on every flag!) has a new report out, purporting to show that businesses in Wisconsin pay too little in taxes.

For your convenience, I've boiled their 8-page release down to the following two sentences:

Too many of Wisconsin’s biggest profit-makers are underpaying taxes, compared with their corporate brethren in other states.


The nationwide average contribution by business to state taxes is 40%, compared with Wisconsin’s 35%.
Christian Schneider has their number: would be just as easy to get to their magic “40%” number by cutting taxes for individuals, since businesses would be paying more as a percentage of tax receipts. Is this what the Institute for Wisconsin’s Future is advocating?
Schneider says no, that's not what they're saying, but let's not be hasty: we should use this report to demand across the board tax cuts, so businesses finally start paying their share!