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Friday, April 20, 2007

Blogging from the Great Beyond

Former resident of Pewaukee DJB wonders What Happens to the Blog When the Blogger Dies?. Apparently, Julia was a Peace Corps volunteer in the Philippines. On January 13, she posted Buhay Pa Tayo (We are still alive), but shortly thereafter, she was found buried in a shallow grave in her new location. I have been to the area around Legazpi (a city named Daet which is in the Southeast of the main island Luzon) but not the Rice Terraces (in the north of Luzon).

Julia's blog is still up and people are posting comments.

Kawawa naman Kay Julia (poor Julia).

April 23.
Filipino Authorities report they have a suspect in the case. While it is not clear it seems this is a case of rape-slay.

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