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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Now more than ever it is time to take people shooting

It is time for the the BBA spring trip to the gun range. This has been in the works for about a week, I was actually going to do the announcement post on Monday but decided after what happen at VT it would be best to wait a day or two.

But with what we know is coming it is time to help people become gun owners and shooters. We are going to need everyone we can bring into the fold to help us defend the Bill of Rights.

So this will be just like the one in the Fall, but hopefully after seeing how much fun we had more people will show and take advantage of a opportunity to meet some good people and shoot a lot of different guns.

this is a great chance for people who have been on the fence about shooting to try it out for the cost of a range pass. You do not even need to rent guns they will be provided.

No excuses if your over the age of 12 and are not a jerk you are invited. Remember tiny little PJ was the star of the fall shoot so no using the "I am a girl" excuse ;)

There will be enough of us there who are shooters who would be more than willing to teach you. Shooters tend to love to hand on their knowledge to new shooters.

As the BBA Master at Arms and Social Director I get to plan this so as usual it will be at my Home Range McMiller Sports Center in Eagle.

Right now I am looking at either doing this Saturday May 5th or May 12th or May 19th

as usual leave a comment if a day works better I will pick a day in about a week or so based on which day can get the biggest crowd.

I cannot stress enough that this is a perfect time for non shooters to come and try it out in a safe controlled environment.

I will be bringing mostly long rifles since I only have my .44 mag in my hand gun stable at the moment but I will have a number of smaller caliber rifles .17hmr and .22lr for people to start on and also my 30-06 for those who want to try something bigger. I will also bring my AK(really a Mac-90) for those of you who want to see what shooting a death ray oops sorry an assault rifle is like.

I also have some clay pigeons so if there is time and interest we could hit the trap range at McMillers and people can try their hand at wing shooting.

Now this is the point where Liberal blogs will make fun of this and call us hicks and the such but thats cool we had a great time last year and I am sure we will have a good time this year.

So pick a date and let me know and

Lets go shooting.

A couple of pictures from last falls shoot