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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Noble Savagery

Michelle Malkin picks up on a Manhattan couple trying to minimize their environmental impact.

Michelle passes on the following from the Q&A section of the couple's website:
Have you considered the climate/waste/energy input associated with eating diary?

Please don’t try to make us give up our milk and cheese and homemade yogurt. I’m begging you. Since we’re eating only unpackaged local and seasonal food, that would pretty much leave us with nothing but apples a la cabbage and cabbage a la apples. Besides, we buy our milk from the local Ronnybrook Farms, where the cows are fed grass and homegrown corn.

I think I have found a mission! Apparently the motive is to write a book on the experience. Of course, those who worship the Goracle will buy it. Could we possibly bully this couple into giving up dairy? Don't worry they don't consume WI dairy products. However, come to think of it, it is mass production dairying that allows them their "pure" dairy.

This is real interesting. My mother has been sending me notes from our ancestors who took up residence in Door County. These notes relate writings for some historical society. The privation was real back then:
One winter there was no sugar, tea, or coffee to be had. But up to a couple of hundred years ago those articles were totally unknown, at least in Europe. Charred bread was used as a substitute for coffee (at least it was black) and hemlock leaves for tea. If you think those were palatable drinks just try them. In spring when maple sap began to run everyone made maple syrup and sugar, and a too generous indulgence in those sweets, after so long an abstinence, caused many to become ill.

Organic food and experiments like the above are nothing but romanticized noble savagery. Read Michelle's blog, there is even a highlighted Q&A about environmentally friendly feminine hygiene.