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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Help Me Be Carbon Neutral

I’ve been bad, very very bad. I haven’t been able to sleep at night. You see I drive a huge Cadillac with a 8 Cylinder Northstar engine. I also at times exceed the speed limit. I’m lucky to get 10-12 miles per gallon of gas, premium no less. My contribution of CO2 into the atmosphere equates to around 31 metric tons. I need your help in becoming Carbon neutral. I need to become a part of the $22 Billion dollar global carbon trading market. I know there are skeptics who say carbon neutrality is a scientific farce. I know there are those who say it is simply a way for the limousine liberals and Hollywood elites to live guilt free for flying their Lear Jets all over the world. I know that European economists are saying that the European Trading Scheme will collapse and is unsustainable. I know that dozens and dozens of countries have been buying billions of dollars worth of carbon credits costing families their hard earned cash. But I want to feel good. I want to sleep at night. And you can help me.

I am going to replace my Cadillac with a more fuel efficient vehicle. I was thinking maybe a Volkswagen or some similar small vehicle. Since my hard earned money is tied up in other endeavors, mortgage, family, retirement investment, etc… I need to raise some money for the purchase of a new and efficient vehicle. After the purchase I will be selling the Cadillac one E-Bay and donating the money to some environmental cause. So I am offering for sale, some Personal Carbon Credits! Each PCC "Carbon Credit" represent one metric ton (2207 pounds) of CO2 removed, or reduced from CO2 producing processes. For most of us, daily activities that create personal CO2 emissions include driving a gasoline or diesel car, consuming electricity from fossil-fueled utilities, burning natural gas to heat our homes, and flying in jet aircraft. Small businesses create CO2 by cooking, heating, or cooling processes.

Every gallon of gasoline, diesel or jet fuel consumed in a car, truck or airplane creates about 20 pounds of CO2, which is all released into the atmosphere - 110 gallons, equivalent to 1-2 months worth of (typical) auto driving, adds one metric ton of CO2 to earth's atmosphere. Calculated at a price of $9.90 per metric ton of CO2, that adds a mere cost of 9 cents per gallon to make your car a Net-Zero Carbon Source. This cost is less than 10% of the taxes that you already pay as part of your gasoline purchase for Federal and State Highway programs, and EPA enforcement. Eight PCC credits is a good start towards making your car a Net-Zero Carbon Source for an entire year.

I know you are all feeling guilty, but for a mere $9.90 for each PPC credit, you can sleep at night, help the environment, and most importantly, help me feel good about myself. You may as well get used to it as in the not too distant future it will become law. So click the Paypal Button and I will send you a PPC credit good for 1 metric ton of carbon.

Chris @ OnTheBorderLine