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Saturday, March 17, 2007

PC Three Little Pigs

The surrender of Europistan to Islam just continues unabated.

Lowell Ponte reports that in England, The Three Little Pigs has been changed to The Three Little Puppies to avoid being offensive to Muslims.

In England, the London Daily Mail on Thursday reported that one school is teaching 10-year-olds a new version of "The Three Little Pigs," a tale its politically correct, culturally stupid educrats have re-written as "The Three Little Puppies" to avoid giving offense to Muslims.

This is odd for several reasons. No Muslim complained or sought changes in such classroom references to pigs.

This on the heels of British banks banning piggy banks for fear Muslims might be offended.

In his book "America Alone," Mark Steyn calls this "creeping Sharia," or the imposition of Islamic law on Western civilization and culture.

Ponte concludes:
Chances are that the school's academics are liberals who feel guilty for centuries of British cultural, as well as economic, imperialism. For reasons of inclusiveness, ideology, and guilt, they probably want to correct England's historic wrong by dismantling Western culture, even in petty ways. But, ironically, these English educrats may have caused more offense than they prevented ...

Given that these educrats were trying to be politically correct, it's safe to assume that they are ignorant of history and culture — other people's and their own. By definition, to be a modern liberal is to be either a knave or a fool.