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Friday, March 16, 2007

Battle Over Green's Campaign Cash Over

Mark Green settled with the State Elections board over his disputed $467,844:
The state Elections Board reached an agreement today with former U.S. Rep. Mark Green, settling a long-running dispute over $467,844 he wanted to use in his failed run for governor.

Under the agreement, the Republican from Green Bay cannot use the money to fund a future run for office, but can give it to other campaigns and charities and use it to pay off his legal bills.

Green must dispose of all the money by the end of 2009.
By the looks of it Green isn't considering another run for governor. If he did he'd try to keep the money to have an advantage over front-runner Scott Walker.

But with that load of cash Green can be a power player should he spread it around to other candidates. Walker maybe?

Green could set up a public policy organization or help fund the Wisconsin Policy Research Institute or the local branch of Americans for Prosperity.

What is Green up to? What's Green's future? Did he get the best deal he could?