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Monday, March 05, 2007

Defending Hillary

No way am I going to vote for her or let her off the hook when a legitimate gripe comes up.

Anyway big headline on Drudge this morning proclaiming Hillary took on a Southern drawl while addressing an audience in a Church Service in the South (I take it by the headlines it is in Kentucky but what Drudge links to does not make it clear & I am unable to obtain a compatible version of FlashPlayer to view it).

My take on this. So what? It is called "mirroring" and many people do this unconsciously. When I was in the Middle East and talking with my Indian friends my gestures would become Indian (head bob included). Not a conscious thing.

In fact, mirroring is often considered good communications. You try to talk in a manner natural to your target audience.

I do this not to boost Hillary but to sharpen the arguments against her.