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Friday, March 02, 2007

Wisconsin snow removal unique

I never knew this:

Minnesota and Western Wisconsin may be dealing with the same storm but they are dealing with it in very different ways.

Wisconsin is the only state in the union that handles snow removal at the county level. The St. Croix County Highway department, like other Wisconsin county highway departments, is very busy.

St. Croix County is responsible for all state, federal and county roads in there county which includes interstate 94.

The article/story is pretty much a fluff piece, but it goes on to talk about individuals in both states thinking their method is best. I prefer ours for one reason-if I'm unhappy with how the county is handling snow removal, I can pick up the phone and talk with someone a lot easier than if the state were involved. Likewise, if I'm really unhappy, it is easier enact change at the county level than at the state level.

I will say this, it is sometimes funny to cross county lines during a snowstorm in this state especially if you go from a county that is very good at snow removal to one that isn't, or vice versa. The county line as estimated by the plows can be very distinct.