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Friday, February 02, 2007

Re: D.A. charges man for defending himself

Here is a shotgun blast of thoughts on the topic, pun intended.

Seems to me the Supreme Court decision is telling the government laws against concealed carry are unconstitutional. What I find interesting then is we need a law to permit us to do what is protected behavior by our constitution. That is awful backwards. I am tempted to say pretty soon it will be like that with speech but it already is like that.

Our fine police officers sacrifice, work hard, and risk much to protect the innocent from criminals. However, much of our jurisprudence makes it hard for the police to prevent crime – their job according to what we have been made to believe is to take statements, collect evidence, and to arrest the alleged perpetrator.

In addition, unless we become a police state and have every other person a police officer then the police can not possibly be everywhere at all times to protect us. That is, it is up to ourselves to prevent ourselves from becoming victims. Yes, this means much more than concealed carry, but concealed carry can be an important part of this.

This is where I grow weary. The country club Republicans are with the left on this issue. Debating resolutions one member of the resolution committee I am working with informed us since the RPW does not control the state senate the RPW is not going to push concealed carry and therefore we should drop concealed carry and second amendment rights resolutions. Wow, the left loses on a Constitutional amendment issue and what do they do? They pretty much declare the fight is just starting.