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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Forget about any legitimate election reform

Spencer Coggs has been put in charge of the Senate committee that would be responsible for any election reform in Wisconsin.

Yes, that Spencer Coggs, the one who was running around after the '04 election demanding Republicans should apologize for daring to raise the issue of organized election fraud after tire slashers and registration fraud and generally all kinds of fraud from the left in Wisconsin.

Mr. I see nothing, I see nothing, I see nothing is now in charge of election reform on the Senate level in Wisconsin.So much for the sanctity of the vote.

If Republicans are ever to take Wisconsin back, they will have to cheat like Democrats do because if you think the deck is stacked now, you ain't seen nuthin' yet.

The only difference, when Republicans cheat, they get prosecuted. Hopefully the new Milwaukee DA will not be as corrupt as the old Milwaukee DA.

Check this out, Coggs is known for and has been acknowledged for making it EASIER TO VOTE.....

Just what we need extra unaccounted ballots laying around.

When liberal groups give you awards for your election reform measures, look out.