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Saturday, December 02, 2006

Another Greedy Tax Grab

Cross-posted at Texas Hold 'Em Blogger.

Looks like the tax-and-spend crowd, feeling its oats after the recent elections, is gearing up for another run at your money.

Oh, that’s right, I forgot. It’s really their money. They just let you keep a little of it.

Gov. Jim Milhous Doyleone wants the state to be able to collect sales tax revenue off your Internet purchases. Once again, they’re going to try, and with the Democrats in control of the state Senate and the Republicans with only a razor thin margin in the Assembly, it’s likely to pass this time.

Madison - Gov. Jim Doyle and the top deputy he appointed Friday said Wisconsin must join the list of states that have agreed to uniform national standards for sales tax collections and promised to try a third time to get it through the Legislature.

Doyle and Michael Morgan, whom the governor Friday named secretary of the state Department of Administration, said it is unfair that Wisconsin retailers have to charge 5% state sales tax to customers in their stores while those who buy over the Internet rarely have to pay the sales tax.

Now they’re disguising it as “fairness.” Uniform sales tax standards, national standards, whatever — it’s ANOTHER TAX INCREASE, folks. When you start paying sales tax on something you didn’t pay sales tax on previously, it’s a tax increase.

But Don Doyleone and the Democrats think you’re too stupid to understand that. If they use nice-sounding words like uniform or national standards and fairness, why, who could possibly be opposed to that?

I am. Because I know a skunk when I smell one.