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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Re: See Dick Blog. Blog, Dick, Blog!

Tee Bee,

I have found my more important tools for getting Blogger Beer noticed is the trackback and leaving comments at other sites, in that order.

Probably over a year now I trackbacked to a site called "Global Guerillas" on IEDs and visits from that trackback figure in my visitor stats nearly on a daily basis, and gets my blog attention from various military commands. My biggest trackback was last October and I have not seen a visit from that since November. A trackback to Iowahawk's piece about Abu Musab Zarqawi complaining how his patriotism is being questioned was a big trackback for me and yields a number of visits/week (that one got me a mention on The Daily Kos and a specific reference on another lefty blog).

Tracking back to Michelle Malkin's site yields a couple of visitors/trackback and I have halfway come to expect to receive a trackback. If you see a blog linked to by Drudge and you have it in you to write on the topic do so. Refer to the blog linked to by Drudge, trackback to it, and watch your sitemeter spin like the cents on a gas pump. Any blog mentioned by one of the big sites on the Web (LGF, Kos, Michelle Malkin etc) has to potential to yield you a large number of trackback readers.

Commentary provides an opportunity to show your stuff on other blogs. This is important and I am quite certain my activity on The Belmont Club has not only earned me a link or two but regular readers.

Links on Other Blogs.
Due to the main metric of NZ Bear's Ecosystem links are the most prized measure of blog success. Links are important but the thing about links is they typically have to be earned. Ways to earn links are to be a regular reader and commentator on a given blog as well as the blog owner liking your stuff. This is how I got my Jawa Report link. Rusty referred to me as a loyal reader in a blog and I asked for a link to Blogger Beer. Boom, there it was.

Getting a story linked to by a particular blog is probably the better way to get linked to. Since it is front and center of the reader's attention. The reading is in front the blogrolls are on the peripherary. These are harder to get. Once a story is old and the linking blog is in the archives its productivity drops quite a bit.

Links are important but IMO are overhyped somewhat. One blog I know of and read has probably half the links mine does but has traffic at least an order of magnitude greater than mine.

Material Stream.
Above all, put out new material as often as you can. I read blogs to get fresh takes on the events of not just the day but of the hour and YES the minute.

The idea is to use all the tools and above and be ready when a deluge hits you. When that deluge hits, one hopes the rest of the blog is ready to invite a couple of people from the deluge to become a regular reader. However, think of your blog reading habits. Do you revisit every blog you read? No you don't.